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MCBA Lawyer Referral Service

The Right Lawyer

MCBA's Lawyer Referral Service connects you with an attorney that matches your specific legal needs. Our attorneys are pre-screened for experience and education, must be in good standing with the Supreme Court of Ohio and the Mahoning County Bar Association, and must have proof of liability insurance. They are qualified to handle your case.

Affordable Fee

You will receive up to a 30-minute consultation with an attorney for a non-refundable $15 fee.

Online LRS Will Launch in the Near Future

* The Mahoning County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) provides information on this website as a service to its users and our members.  The Mahoning County Bar Association LRS is not a law firm and does not represent clients in any way.  Although the information on this site is about legal issues and informational services, it is not legal advice.  Use of this website does not in any way create a lawyer-client relationship.

*If you ned a Pro Bono Attorney, please contact Community Legal Aid Services, Inc. at 330-744-3196.

Classified Ads

To place a classified ad on the Mahoning Bar Website, please email Renee Kenneally or contact our office at 330-746-2933 for more details.

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