Mahoning County Bar Association

Mahoning County Bar Association

LRS Application Instructions

If you selected LRS Membership through MCBA's online application or the online  renewal process, your LRS Membership is not complete until you: 

  • Upload a signed copy of the LRS application.

  • Upload a copy of your Malpractice insurance. 

To complete the above requirements do the following:

  1. Click here and download the LRS Application.

  2. Fill out the application and sign.

  3. Upload a scanned copy or photo of the application by using the member update page

  4. Upload a scanned copy or photo of your malpractice insurance using the same page

The Member Update Page

The member update page allows you to make changes to your member record in MCBA's database and content management system. The update page is broken into different sections for convenience. The information related to your LRS Application is in the section titled "Update - Lawyer Referral Service". 

Use the image below as a reference for each field in the section: 



*Note that you must be signed in to access the member update page.